Piper Jones Band performing a Turquoise Trail Concert Series

Turquoise Trail Concert

Experience the joy of music in the intimacy &comfort of a private home in the mountains of

New Mexico



Turqouise Trail Concert Series began when Rachael hosted her friends in

The Piper Jones Band

for a house concert, and it grew from there! 


Upcoming Shows

The Piper Jones Band


EJ's Birthday Bash!

December 9, 2022

EJ Frances sm-1323.jpg

The Piper Jones Band is coming back!

They'll be performing a house concert on their NM Winter Tour 2022, on Dec. 9, which also happens to be EJ's birthday!


This will be an amazing night of music and celebration!

UPDATE: As of Nov 18, this house concert is SOLD OUT! But if you're interested, please do contact me to get on a waiting list, in case there are cancellations!


Previous Shows

The Piper Jones Band

The Here & Now

The Reel Sisters

The Gas Men

The Quiet Ones

Gerry Carthy

Eileen Gannon & Robert Ryan

Eileen Gannon and Robert Ryan.JPG

Eileen Gannon and Robert Ryan played the first Turquoise Trail Concert Series concert since the pandemic began, in September 2022! The last one had been The Quiet Ones and the Gas Men, in Nov. 2019.

Guests wore masks inside as requested,

and all the socializing, drinks and snacks were outside. It went great!

The Piper Jones Band Turquoise Trail Concert Series
The Reel Sisters Turquoise Trail
The Here & Now Turquoise Trail Concert Series

What's a House Concert?

  • House concerts are a great way to enjoy the experience of live music, from local musicians to out of state traveling bands, in the intimacy and comfort of a private home. 

  • There's a suggested donation at the door, with the proceeds going to the musicians (minus a small amount for hosting). Merch such as CDs, t-shirts and stickers is usually available.

  • Seating is limited, so advance reservations are encouraged to save your spot!

  • Snacky foods and drinks are provided, guests are invited to bring their own to share if they like, and can eat & drink before, during and after the show!

  • After the main event, chairs are often pushed back to allow for dancing, and there's sometimes an after show session too, if guests bring their own instruments, or just want to listen in while the musicians have an informal jam.  

The Reel Sisters Turquoise Trail
Frances Cunningham EJ Jones by Rachael R
The Reel Sisters Turquoise Trail
The Here & Now Turquoise Trail
The Here & Now Turquoise Trail

Interested in performing or attending?


Phone 505-280-4382

Email roselassie@comcast.net

Address Rachael will provide upon booking concert/reserving ticket

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